Friday, 3 January 2014

2013: A Year in Photos

We battled cancer.  And won.

We celebrated St.Patrick's Day.

We spent Easter weekend as tourists in our own city.

We celebrated an 8th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.

We lit fireworks on Victoria Day.

 We started another soccer season.

We discovered a beach close to home.

We completed Junior Kindergarten and Grade 2.

We spent 10 days in Florida.

We celebrated a 5th birthday at Canada's Wonderland.

We had some one-on-one time at the Ontario Science Centre.

We took horseback riding lessons.

We spent a perfect long weekend with great friends at their cottage on Marble Lake.

We started Senior Kindergarten and Grade 3.

We learned how to skate.

We earned certificates.

We went to the movies.

We dressed up for Halloween.

We skated on our backyard rink.

We celebrated Christmas.

We ended 2013 with an epic outdoor hockey game.

Happy New Year!

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